11 Things Super Mario Run Doesn't Tell You

This page contains tips, tricks and strategies for Super Mario Run that are either poorly explained or not detailed at all in the games tutorials.

Bubbles aren’t just used as “lives,” to reset you when you take too much damage or fail to land a long jump – they can be used to reset your position at your convenience, meaning that if you miss a Special Coin or specific ‘?’ box, you can use a bubble to backtrack and claim your prize.

You can earn two rally tickets each time you collect all the Special Coins in a stage. There are three tiers of difficulty to each stage, the easiest featuring Pink Coins, the second having Purple ones and the hardest version of each stage has Black Coins.

Each special coin will also increase your overall coin total at the end of a stage by 10.

If you want to replay a stage after completing multiple sets of Special Coins, you can select the difficulty you want to replay by tapping on the color coin corresponding to the difficulty level you wish to play.

In Rally mode, if you should prove fast enough to reach the end of a stage before the timer expires, the world will loop back to the beginning and you will continue your run indefinitely.

You may notice at the end of each level you receive a tally of how many of each enemy type you’ve eliminated. If you manage to fill the entire progress bar, you will “Level Up” that enemy group, and receive an additional coin each time you kill one of those enemies.

You can also collect free coins from the Mushroom People in your Kingdom. Keep your eyes peeled for Toads hanging around your village holding up coins for you collect.

Well, not really. It’s more of an abstract construct BUT you should know that you aren’t being judged or scored based on how much time you take to complete a World Tour stage.

In Kingdom Builder mode, you can clear out Thwomps blocking construction by using hammers collected in World Tour and Rally mode. Hammers are earned by completing Worlds and defeating bosses.

Mario isn’t the only character you can use to tackle each level with – you can also unlock Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi and Toadette. They can be unlocked in a variety of ways, and some require you to purchase items for your Kingdom with coins you’ve earned.

Unlockable Characters
Character Requirement Cost
Peach Complete World Tour N/A
Toad Unlock in My Nintendo 100 My Nintendo Coins (?)
Luigi 150 G / 150 P Toads 500 Coins (?)
Yoshi 30 G / 30 Y Toads 500 Coins (?)
Toadette 200 of All Toad Types 1000 Coins (?)

EditStyle and Speed

When racing in Rally Mode, you’ll earn additional Mushroom People followers by performing more impressive or stylistic moves, such as chaining enemy takedowns or wall jumps.

In Kingdom Builder, you can expand your village to multiple screens by purchasing and building Rainbow Bridges. You can have up to five screens worth of Kingdom, and each bridge costs slightly more to create.

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