Beyond: Getting Lost In No Man's Sky's Endless Worlds


Our milkshake brings Adam Boyes to the yard

This week’s Beyond is a little unusual, as Max “Roof-Rack” ScovilleBrian “The Glovebox” AltanoAndrew “Center Console” Goldfarb and Zach “Cool Skull-Shaped Gearshift Knob” Ryan talk about their mixed, but mostly positive feelings toward the much-anticipated No Man’s Sky.

Then, Zach and Goldie take off to make room for Iron Galaxy bigwigs Chelsea Blasko and Dave Lang, as well their newly-hired colleague Adam Boyes, who you might know from his time with Sony and Capcom. They give us a little insight into what it’s like working at a larger independent studio, the balance of creativity and business that goes into game publishing, “jankiness”, and Adam’s really corny Twitter handle.

Max Scoville is a host and producer for IGN, you can find him on Twitter @MaxScoville.

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