Destiny: Rise of Iron to Introduce Paid-For Experience Boosts


Due for release on September 20.

The Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny will have paid experience boosts, so you can level up quicker using real money.

According to Gamespot, the boosters will increase your experience gain for Crucible, House of Judgement, and Vanguard play.

The boosters will also be available using in-game methods rather than just with Silver, the in-game currency you can buy, but you’ll have to find them inside Sterling Treasure Boxes or Radiant Treasures (and you can also buy these with Silver).

There’ll be some new emotes and ornaments at the Eververse in this expansion too, including a handful of new dances.

IGN has recently been giving you our first impressions of Destiny: Rise of Iron, from how the PvP is shaping up to some of the new zones: Archon’s Forge, Plaguelands, and Felwinter Peak.

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