Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection – PC

An insidiously addictive simulation game, Zoo Tycoon allows players to create their own zoo. Start with fences for your exhibits, then pick animals and give them toys, foliage, and anything else you want for your customers. Lay down paths to lead them around, then add food stands, amusement rides, even maps and trash cans. In all, you can choose over 100 animals, plus countless habitat and park embellishments.Combines The Original Zoo Tycoon, Dinosaur Digs expansion pack, Marine Mania expansion pack.
Let your imagination run wild as you care for more than 100 land, aquatic and prehistoric animals.
Loads of bonus content, including a new Endangered Species Theme Pack.
Tend to these rare animals using more than 40 new objects.
Set-up your own aquatic show.
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Price: $9.69

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